XPO oriGInale - GI Mahotsav

About Xpo oriGInale

“XPO oriGInale” is an expo series dedicated to the Authorised Geographical Indications Producers of India, to be held as part of GI Mahotsav Program, under the aegis of the MSME Innovative Scheme of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

About Geographical Indication

A Geographical Indication (GI) is a name or sign which makes the specific products/ goods of a geographical origin to be identified in the market, possessing the qualities or reputation of their particular place of origin. Based on the place of origin, consumers may associate with a particular quality, characteristic or reputation of the products/ goods. Geographical indications contribute more effectively to the socio- economic development of various regions of a country, and also conservation of natural resources and the preservation of traditional knowledge and cultural heritage; they create and also support employment and encourage diversification in production, allowing the producers and the manufacturers to dedicate themselves with the commercialization of the traditional products in response to the demands of the quality conscious consumers.

GI Products

Mysore Rosewood Inlay Artwork

Kalanamak Rice

Nakshi Kantha

Rajkot Patola

Kashmir Handwoven Carpet

Purandar Figs

Bandhani, Warli Painting, Gond Art, Madhubani Painting

Kolhapur Jaggery

Chanderi and Tangaliya

Maheshwari Handloom Sarees

Santipur Saree

Sandur Lambani Embroidery

Patachitra Painting

Alphonso MAngo

Kolhapuri Chappals

Kashmiri Pashmina, Kani, Sozni